LightWater Glass Jar and Logo-engraved Wooden Lid, perfect for storage
LightWater Glass Jar filled with yellow AM Multivitamin Daily Doses packets
LightWater Multivitamin Moisturizer & Replenishing Cream daily duo doses in jars, with packaging pouches in the background, on bathroom counter
LightWater Glass Jar with lid off and filled with PM Replenishing Cream daily doses packets and one packet resting next to the jar

2 Glass Jars

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Simple, sustainable LightWater glass jar with bamboo lid. Store your fresh daily doses in easy-to-access jars. They're also ideal for any other beauty accessories.

These beauties come included with your first subscription order. If you'd like extras, you've come to the right place.

  • Clear glass
  • 2.5" diameter x 3.3" height
  • Bamboo wooden lid
  • Airtight to keep out air and moisture
  • Hypoallergenic seal
  • LightWater logo engraved

Products sold separately.

Switching to LightWater is like going from eating processed, preserved foods every day to eating healthy, nutritious foods instead – but for your skin. 

Fernanda Sakamoto, MD, PhD | Dermatologist & Co-Founder

lightwater promises

LightWater Skin Nutrition is fresh, clean, and pure
LightWater Skin Nutrition is Microbiome Friendly
LightWater Skin Nutrition is Formulated for All skin types, genders, ages, colors
LightWater Skin Nutrition is vegan and cruelty free
LightWater Skin Nutrition is Responsible and Sustainable
LightWater Skin Nutrition makes a social impact by Nourishing Communities


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