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LightWater Student Discount Program

Get a 20% Student Discount at LightWater

Use our LightWater student discount code at the checkout to enjoy a 20% discount off your order, valid on all LightWater products!

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Good for People and Planet

Nourishing skin with fresh ingredients is our passion, and we aim to positively impacting people and planet while we are at it. We're striving to eliminate the waste in the beauty industry.

✔ Saves materials and resources: daily dose packaging is super efficient, using 75% less materials than jars or bottles to hold the same amount of cream
✔ Fully recyclable or compostable
✔ Reduces waste: small production batches reduce risk of unsold, expired, or degraded-quality products
✔ Earth-friendly formulas: we don't use any ingredients that can seep into the environment and damage marine or plant life
✔ Vegan and cruelty-free

We also believe it is important to support the next generation and encourage sustainable choices. We hope this discount makes it easier for students to prioritize self-care while also making sustainable, healthy choices.

Thoughtfully Designed

Easy and Smart

For every skin type: dry, sensitive, acne-prone, combination, oily, and normal. Any age, tone, color, gender. Face and body. Our formulas are lightweight, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, pH- and microbiome-friendly, and dermatologist-approved.
Easy, simple routine: complete multifunctional skincare regimen in just two steps. Moisturize, balance, strengthen the skin barrier, protect from blue light and pollution, and reduce the appearance of discoloration, blemishes, and fine lines. Just apply once in the morning and once in the evening, and you're done!
Saves you time and money: you can avoid the multi-step routines. Plus, healthier, better looking skin means you can even skip the makeup!
Fool-proof: pre-portioned daily doses so you know exactly how much to use
Convenient: Perfect for travel or take on the go
Try it risk-free: with our 100% money back guarantee


Uniquely Fresh, Pure, and Effective

When it comes to food, we know fresher is better; the same is true for skin care. LightWater is revolutionary skin care that's freshly made and sent, so it's the cleanest, most effective skin care available. Nourish, strengthen, and improve skin health and appearance, from the outside to way deep within. Feed your face fresh.

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