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Committed to

Doing Good

Nourishing skin with fresh ingredients is our passion. But it's not just what we do that counts; it's also how we do it. We aim to positively impact people and planet while we're at it.

LightWater Replenishing Cream Flatlay


Sustainable + Responsible

We take a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to our packaging by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Our daily doses reduce resources and are fully recyclable. Flexible packaging requires 35% to 75% less material than rigid packaging does, and utilizes fewer resources - such as water and energy - during production and transportation, reducing carbon footprint. Plus, while bottles and tubes utilize a mixture of materials (i.e. lid, dispenser, pump) which can impair recyclability, our daily doses are fully recyclable. We provide complimentary shipping to ensure they're recycled through our recycling partner.

Our resealable pouches are 60% compostable, breaking down naturally within 12 weeks. The remainder oxo-degrades over 5-10 years vs. the estimated 1,000 years for normal plastic. We utilize plant-based components that absorb greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration, and reduce the use of finite fossil fuel and mineral resources.

We are constantly in search of even more eco-friendly options.


100% of our packaging is recycled, recyclable, reused, or compostable.


Nourishing Others

Good, healthy skin is made possible by good, healthy habits: hydration, exercise, sleep, stress management, and of course, nutrition. Yet 19 million people in the U.S. live in food deserts - areas without easy access to fresh, healthy, and affordable foods. 

At LightWater we want to help everyone nourish themselves from the inside and out. It's why we partnered with Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery chain dedicated to providing fresh, tasty, convenient, and nutritious food to communities most in need, at prices everyone can afford. Join us. 

LightWater Skin Nutrition is Formulated for All skin types, genders, ages, colors
LightWater Skin Nutrition is vegan and cruelty free
LightWater Skin Nutrition is Responsible and Sustainable
LightWater Skin Nutrition makes a social impact by Nourishing Communities