9 Skincare Habits that are Hurting Your Skin

9 Skincare Habits that are Hurting Your Skin

So you want happy and healthy skin? You’d be surprised how many common habits are actually HURTING your skin. The New Year is a time to reevaluate your habits, and that includes your skincare routine. Try to upgrade your skincare routine by quitting these habits. Trust us - Your skin will thank you.

9 Skincare Habits that are Hurting Your Skin

12-Step skincare routineThe 12-step skincare routine

Don't worry, we've all fallen victim to the complicated, expensive routines because that's what we thought we needed for healthy skin! The truth? Using too many products are introducing your skin to so many preservatives, irritants and unnecessary chemicals.

This makes you susceptible to weakened skin, sensitivity, and irritation! Find a simple routine that has all the essential nutrients you need by opting for products that multitask and address several concerns at once.

Makeup and skincare hybrids

Makeup and skincare hybrids

When formulated in makeup, skincare active ingredients aren't potent enough to make a visible difference in your skin. Plus, you're clogging your pores with makeup, which reduces the benefits. Simplify your routine by choosing products that focus on either skincare or makeup, allowing your skin to breathe and receive the care it truly needs.

Makeup with SPF

Makeup with SPF

Makeup with SPF makes for a great additional layer of protection on top of your skincare routine; but it can’t be used alone. When makeup is made with SPF, you don’t receive adequate protection because you don't use enough of the product for better protection from UV. Invest in a separate, dedicated sunscreen to ensure your skin receives the protection it needs without compromising on coverage.

Skin steaming

Skin Steaming

Don’t steam your face too often! It stretches the skin and pores, making them appear to be “open” or larger. You don’t want to do this more than once a month - and it’s typically not necessary if you’re cleansing properly daily.

Skin steaming

Forgetting your neck

Your neck and hands are the first places to show signs of aging! For slow aging, remember to extend your routine to your neck and hands to keep them protected. That’s why LightWater's daily doses, formulated to slow aging, are perfectly portioned for enough product for your face, neck, and hands!

hot shower

Steaming hot showers

When the water temperature is too hot - be careful, as it dehydrates and irritates your skin. We recommend lukewarm water to preserve your skin's natural moisture barrier and prevent unnecessary irritation, promoting healthy and fresh skin.


Using jumbo sized products

The active ingredients in skincare products in typical jars and tubes begin to degrade fast the moment you open them. The larger the product, the lower the level of effectiveness it’ll have by the time you finish the product. LightWater prioritizes freshness and potency with our innovative single doses, ensuring your skincare works at the highest efficacy, every time.

LightWater AM + PM Daily Duo

Using the same products morning and night

Your skin needs different ingredients in the morning and night as it has different natural functions when you’re awake and when you’re asleep. LightWater's Daily Duo was made to be two steps, one morning dose and one night dose - to give your skin all of its essential daily nutrients. The goal is: nourish and protect in the morning; replenish and renew at night for effective skincare and slow aging.

LightWater Topical Supplements

Skipping your daily vitamins

Your skin NEEDS vitamins for its daily functions, which include keeping up with your skin's natural processes and protecting it from environmental stressors.
Some of your favorite skincare ingredients, niacinamide, biotin, and vitamin C, are all potent antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress, slow aging, and restore healthy skin.

Our LightWater Morning and Night Topical Supplements are packed full of all the essential skin vitamins needed for slow aging, for a new skincare routine that supports your healthy, clean, and fresh skin goals.


Take the leap towards radiant, healthy, and slow-aging skin in 2024 by embracing LightWater, your all-in-one solution to all your skincare needs.

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