Skincare Served Fresh! Shop the Zero-Preservative Moisturizers Your Skin Is Craving

Skincare Served Fresh! Shop the Zero-Preservative Moisturizers Your Skin Is Craving

When it comes to grocery shopping, we know we’re always on the lookout for fresher, healthier foods. We want to be careful and smart about what we put into our body. The fresher, the better — and we know we always feel more energized after eating fresh foods. So why don’t we approach our skincare routine in the same way?

While we might not necessarily think about it, tons of skincare is packed to the brim with preservatives — the same kinds we avoid in our food. Brands add them for longevity and to enable repeated use, but they could actually be harming your face because preservatives are skin irritants! If you’re into clean living or you have sensitive skin, it might be time to make the switch to LightWater.

Shop zero-preservative skincare at LightWater!

LightWater is the answer to the “preservative overload” in the beauty industry. Launched earlier this year by renowned experts and scientists, the brand was created to provide the same freshness and nutrition we seek in our diet — but in our skincare routine.

Of course, LightWater’s products are clean, featuring zero allergens, fragrances, silicones, PEG, phthalates or sulfates. They’re also cruelty-free, vegan and noncomedogenic. All things we already look for. It’s the brand’s process, from sourcing to application, that makes it truly stand out.

All of LightWater’s ingredients are sourced fresh and then formulated and produced in small batches, limiting exposure to light, air and touch to prioritize potency and freshness. This is why each application is packaged in a daily dose. Worried about how individual packaging could harm the environment? Let Usease your fears. The daily doses actually use 75% less packaging than jars or bottles that hold the same amount of cream, and they can be recycled — just mail them back in the included envelope!

So, let’s talk about LightWater’s two hero products: two moisturizers color-coded for your day and night regimen. In yellow is the Good Morning Multivitamin Moisturizer, packed with moisturizing ceramides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, a multivitamin complex, extracts of rice, pine tree and green tea and more. A must for youthful, radiant skin that’s protected against environmental damage!

Second is the Good Night Replenishing Cream in blue. This is your beauty sleep essential! It contains brightening and anti-inflammatory ferulic acid, collagen-boosting goji berry extract, moisturizing squalene and more. Looking to target signs of aging like wrinkles and an uneven tone? Add this firming, rejuvenating cream to your cart!

You can nab either product on its own, or you can shop the Fresh Daily Duo to grab both (and maximize the benefits plus save a little money). You can also sign up for an Auto-Refresh subscription, which will ensure you don’t run out of moisturizer while also saving you another 15%. They’re currently running a limited time promotion of 50% off your first month subscription, so there’s no better time to get it than now! There’s a mini kit ($8) available too! Check out the site for yourself and start creating a healthier, fresher future for your skin!

Learn more about LightWater here and see results from user trials here!


Published December 19, 2022 in US Weekly by Suzy Forman

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