LightWater is beyond skin care; it's skin nutrition. The paradigm-shifting daily doses and formulas deliver peak efficacy and purity.

LightWater is beyond skin care; it's skin nutrition. The paradigm-shifting daily doses and formulas deliver peak efficacy and purity.

Reading LightWater is beyond skin care; it's skin nutrition. The paradigm-shifting daily doses and formulas deliver peak efficacy and purity. 4 minutes Next LightWater aims to change the way consumers shop for skin care products


The paradigm-shifting, daily dose of fresh skincare.
(May 23, 2022) – When it comes to what we put in our bodies, Americans strive to eat fresher, less processed foods, and 71% actively seek out foods that are free from preservatives. Intuitively we know that fresher is better – higher nutritional value, better taste, and fewer processing agents. Yet somehow, the beauty and personal care industry has largely flown under the radar when it comes to freshness and preservatives. It’s time we reimagine skincare that’s as fresh and nutritious as the foods we aim to consume.

That’s what the founders of LightWater set out to create. Available online now is LightWater Skin Nutrition, a smart, efficient answer to the stale skincare and preservative-overload world that we’re all living in today. Conceived by multiple beauty industry powerhouses with massive track records – CEO & Founder Soo-Young Kang, PhD bioscientist and skin care product expert; Dr. Rox Anderson, the father of laser-based dermatology and inventor of aesthetic procedures including CoolSculpting®; and Dr. Fernanda Sakamoto, renowned dermatologist and clinical researcher – LightWater Skin Nutrition up-levels the idea of fresh and up-ends standard industry practices.
How do they do it? The brand takes a different approach from industry norms to create truly fresh products, ensuring that their formulas feature ingredients that are not only sourced fresh, but are also formulated, small-batched, sent, and applied fresh as well. Think single-dose, zero-preservative skincare made from scientifically proven ingredients, crafted into the purest formulations possible.
LightWater's unique formulations, manufacturing processes, and delivery system prioritize freshness to deliver peak efficacy. When active ingredients are exposed to light, air, and touch, they start to break down and their efficacy quickly plummets. This routinely happens with traditional skincare housed in jars or bottles, so while “technically” usable literally years after purchase, it's certainly not performing as intended. Why use a product that’s not doing its job? LightWater was purposefully designed so that its active ingredients remain at maximum potency, delivering optimal performance benefits with every single application.
Another advantage to LightWater’s approach is purity, pushing clean beauty to another level by eliminating the need for preservatives while still maintaining product integrity. Preservatives function to extend product longevity, but they are actually harmful to the skin. They have been shown to disrupt skin’s microbiome and irritate and sensitize the skin, especially when layering on multiple products a day, year in and year out. LightWater’s patent-pending formulations contain zero preservatives and ultra-pure ingredients; even the water they use is cleaner and higher quality than the industry standard deionized water. Their approach to clean is also elevated because their formulas contain zero allergens, fragrances, silicones, PEG, phthalates or sulfates, are not tested on animals, and do not feature any animal-derived ingredients. Gentle, but mighty in terms of efficacy, LightWater Skin Nutrition is completely rewriting the script on skincare.


A simple day / night regimen that easily accommodates busy, modern lifestyles, LightWater Skin Nutrition features two products, each packaged in 28 single daily doses. To make healthy skin even easier, they’re color-coded in yellow for day and blue for night.

LightWater AM Multivitamin Moisturizer + PM Replenishing Cream. Best face moisturizer regimen.

Good Morning Multivitamin Moisturizer

  • Crafted to Help: Nourish and Metabolize throughout the day

  • Key Ingredients: Vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, probiotic, extracts of rice, pine tree and green tea

  • Benefits: Helps improve hydration, elasticity, radiance and health while guarding against environmental stressors such as blue light and pollution.

Good Night Replenishing Cream

  • Crafted to Help: Rest and Renew during the night

  • Key Ingredients: Ceramides, ferulic acid, goji berry extract, vitamins, antioxidants, probiotic

  • Benefits: Helps firm, rejuvenate, reduce appearance of wrinkles and uneven tone all while supporting skin health.


PRICE: $45.50 / one-time purchase, or $41 / auto-ship subscription; both products together $82 / one-time purchase, or $69.70 / auto-ship subscription



lightwater promises

LightWater Skin Nutrition is fresh, clean, and pureLightWater Skin Nutrition is Microbiome Friendly
LightWater Skin Nutrition is Formulated for All skin types, genders, ages, colors
LightWater Skin Nutrition is vegan and cruelty freeLightWater Skin Nutrition is Responsible and SustainableLightWater Skin Nutrition makes a social impact by Nourishing Communities