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LightWater Cream is a POPSUGAR Must-Have! 41 Editor-Approved Beauty Products Worth Buying This July.

41 Editor-Approved Beauty Products Worth Buying This July

Best Skin Care: LightWater Replenishing Cream For Evening

"I tend to avoid face creams in jars — all that finger dipping just feels . . . icky. Apparently, it's also terrible for the ingredients in your products, and within a few weeks, they're not doing much for your skin beyond moisturizing. That's where the new skin-care brand LightWater comes in: every dose is packaged in a tiny paper packet (eco-friendly — not to worry!), so it stays super potent and germ-free. LightWater Replenishing Cream for Evening ($43) has ceramides, antioxidants, and probiotics, and when I use it at night, I wake up with bouncy, dewy skin. I'm done with jars for good." — Dawn Davis, senior content director, beauty.


Published July 1, 2022 on Popsugar, by Jessica Harrington and Dawn Davis

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LightWater Skin Nutrition is fresh, clean, and pureLightWater Skin Nutrition is Microbiome Friendly
LightWater Skin Nutrition is Formulated for All skin types, genders, ages, colors
LightWater Skin Nutrition is vegan and cruelty freeLightWater Skin Nutrition is Responsible and SustainableLightWater Skin Nutrition makes a social impact by Nourishing Communities