5 Clean Beauty Brands Your Skin is Begging You To Try

5 Clean Beauty Brands Your Skin is Begging You To Try

Beauty insider Mickey Williams shares five clean beauty brands that are good for you AND keep you looking good. #newdaynw


These days we're paying a lot more attention to what we put in our bodies, and that definitely goes for the beauty products we use. 

Luckily, summer is a perfect time to find new products. Beauty insider Mickey Williams has never steered us wrong, so she joined the show to share some of her favorite clean beauty products!


This gorgeous small-batch brand wants to change the way you apply skincare and get rid of all those bottles.



Mickey: "I want to introduce you to some of the game changers because I really do believe that Clean Beauty is really evolving. So I want you to meet LightWater, I know you have this right there. LightWater is just taking a whole new approach. They believe products get broken down when you have them in a jar and you're double dipping in a jar. So, they wanted to create a really fresh product. They created small batch formulas that are in these little tiny packets. They have the daily dose formulations that you can use. It's great for anybody who wants to go clean but doesn't understand what they're buying. It goes on your face. They have one for the morning and one for the evening. I love it because the packaging is fully recyclable and it's actually 60% compostable which will break down naturally within 12 weeks. They're using plant-based components and they're eco friendly options. They are striving to make their product more and more and more eco-friendly. I love that."

Amity: "And they're great for travel! What a great idea for travel you know what I mean? I love it!"


Aired July 15, 2022 on NBC New Day Northwest with Susie Wiley and Mickey Williams

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