31 Spa Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List

31 Spa Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List

Pamper your friends and family with these luxurious self-care gifts.

When the holidays are in full swing, things can feel a bit hectic. There’s flights to book, parties to plan, and maybe most importantly, all the holiday gift shopping to check off your list. Suffice to say that by the time December rolls around, you’re probably craving (OK, maybe needing) some me rest and relaxation. Thats where the best spa gifts and gift baskets come in. Wellness accessories like acupressure mats, foot massagers, and Therabody devices are one way to relax. At-home spa essentials are another nice luxury to have on hand this time of year, when you’re short on time. Bubble baths, luxury candles, and face masks offer a welcome reprieve from a full month of holiday festivities and allow you to relax and recharge. For that very reason, they also make marvelous gifts. Whoever you share them with will have an excuse to spend an hour or two to put their feet up, clear their head, and treat themselves. 

What to Look For in the Best Spa Gift Sets & Baskets

Anything related to self-care qualifies as a spa gift: Maybe it’s a rich body cream, a gentle body scrub, bath salts, or an indulgent hand cream. When you’re shopping for a standout spa gift, keep factors like fragrance, texture, and packaging top of mind. Many self care items feature scents like eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile which are known to help put us in a state of relaxation. Texture varies across different face, bath, and body products; thick and dense options are best for a cozy, cocooned feel. And packaging is a matter of personal preference. Think about the style of the person you’re buying for: Odds are, you can find a spa gift that’ll blend in (or make a statement) in their space. 

We’ve gathered the best spa gifts and gift sets to spread some self love this holiday season.  

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Published December 4, 2022 on wwd.com by Claire Sullivan

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