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WWD Women's Wear Daily logo - LightWater Skin Nutrition skincare was featured in WWD: LightWater aims to change the way consumers shop for skin care products
LightWater Skin Nutrition skincare was featured in Glossy: The ingredient only matters if it still works by the time it makes it to the skin. “Fresh” isn’t achieved via a traditional jar of cream.
LightWater Skin Nutrition skincare was featured in NewBeauty: Small batches of fresh, nutrient-dense products in single doses maintain potency and hygiene
LightWater Skin Nutrition skincare was featured in People magazine: Smart Skincare Ready for Takeoff! Upgrade your summer travel style and minimize stress.
LightWater Skin Nutrition skincare was featured in Popsugar: LightWater Cream is a POPSUGAR Must-Have! 41 Editor-Approved Beauty Products Worth Buying This July.

For People Who Pursue a Healthy and Clean Lifestyle

We created skincare that's as fresh as whole food because it's more effective and kinder to skin. Unlike bottled moisturizers made for repeated use, LightWater is fresh, at every application! Our pure additive-free formulations and hygienic packaging protect ingredient potency and deliver maximum efficacy.

Our clean, preservative, and irritant free moisturizers are perfect for women during pregnancy and beyond. So gentle that there is no need to worry about coming in contact with delicate, baby skin.

Our single-use packs are a much more efficient packaging solution, utilizing 35% to 75% less materials than rigid packaging to hold the same amount of cream. Plus, it's fully recyclable.

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Real Results

The benefit of peak freshness? Each clinically-proven ingredient does what it's supposed to do at its full potential. Every day, every dose. Your skin reaps the rewards.

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LightWater Skin Nutrition facial skincare before and after shows reduced redness, less visible acne scarring, more even skin tone, youthful glow, and overall improved appearance
LightWater Skin Nutrition facial skincare before and after showing reduced wrinkles, more even skin tone, and overall improved appearance

What Customers Are Saying

Even after just one use, you can tell it's working. It gave my face a refreshed pick-me-up. After the night cream, my skin still felt hydrated in the morning and overall healthier.

Summer S.

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Why Choose LightWater?

As the world's freshest skin care, LightWater offers advantages others can't.

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Freshly made, small batches for highly efficacious actives

LightWater's products are Fresh from Source to Skin™ so you can rest assured you are getting the full benefit of each carefully selected ingredient.

The current industry standard is a 2+ year shelf life, but unfortunately many ingredients start to break down and lose their intended efficacy over time.

LightWater makes small, frequent batches as we aim to create skin care that’s as fresh and nutritious as whole food.

Single dose to maintain potency and hygiene with every use

LightWater's Daily Fresh Doses lock in and maintain optimum potency of each ingredient and hygiene of the entire formulation because it's not exposed to light, air, and touch. So, you and your skin get the best possible experience every day, every single application.

Clean ingredients, zero additives (such as preservatives and fragrances)

LightWater's Clean Act excludes any ingredients known or even suspected to be concerning … no preservatives, allergens, fragrances, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, and many more. We also carefully screen every ingredient we source for any residual chemicals of concern.


LightWater is preservative-free and has added probiotic, both of which are shown to support the skin barrier and help maintain skin's microbiome in natural balance.

Healthy for all skin, even sensitive, super dry, or baby skin, and all skin types

LightWater is not just "tolerated" by skin, it's actually healthy for all skin because we add skin-essential ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, and plant-derived extracts, and leave off all unnecessary ingredients for skin health.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We make all products in small batches to ensure they're always fresh. Limited quantities available. Get yours today.

Uniquely Fresh, Pure, and Effective

When it comes to food, we know fresher is better; the same is true for skincare. LightWater is revolutionary because it's freshly made and sent. 100% clinically-proven actives in their purest form. It's the cleanest and most effective skincare available. Nourish, strengthen, and improve your skin's health and appearance. From the outside to way deep within.

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We use only the highest quality pure ingredients, produce in small batches, and deliver our products to you fresh. This is the most costly way to operate, but we do it because it results in more efficacious and gentler products. We still strive to offer an outstanding value so more people can gain access to fresh skin nourishment.

100% Happiness Guarantee
LightWater AM Multivitamin Moisturizer and PM Replenishing Cream daily doses, jars, and pouches laid out in a kitchen with bowl of tomatoes and salad and oil - homepage
AM Multivitamin Moisturizer
AM Multivitamin Moisturizer
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PM Replenishing Cream
PM Replenishing Cream
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LightWater Glass Jar and Logo-engraved Wooden Lid, perfect for storage
Sustainable Glass Storage Jar
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